Heroes and Superheroes

In Highly Illogical Behavior, Solomon Reed suffers from agoraphobia, which is the fear of leaving the house due to severe anxiety. Here’s a few superheroes Sol might look up to!

Barry Allen aka The Flash

Barry Allen is the fastest man alive. He can be here or there in the matter of seconds. Solomon does not want to go outside, because he is afraid of things going wrong or bringing him harm. He would look up to the Flash! The Flash can go anywhere in the world super fast, and then get back home just as fast. That power would alleviate Sol of some of his fear of the outside, because home would be seconds away…no matter where he was.

Okay, so the book makes it clear…Solomon i definitely a hardcore Star Trek fan. (I love Star Trek too; Old and new!) But I know more about Star Wars…so hear me out! I think C-3PO is a superhero. He is a droid, but he is not entirely void of feeling or emotion. He has to overcome his own fears throughout several of the movies. Plus, it is theorized that he is gay, so they would share more than one thing in common!

He’s Iron Man. Nuff Said.

But really. Tony Stark/Iron Man exudes confidence. Maybe a little too much sometimes, but Solomon would admire that. He could use some confidence himself.

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