Where Do I Read?

I wish more than anything, that I could be that person that reads out in a cool coffee shop or by a fresh body of water. Or even the person who reads while listening to music. But that is not me. I am far too nosy, and get distracted by other people’s conversations. Or I try to jump in the water instead of reading by it…

Aimee reads Perks of Being A Wallflower in her space.

Alas, I am a bed reader.

It is a quiet space with no distractions. There is nothing there to keep me off track, and it is relaxing. I am an extreme night owl. I will stay up until 2:00am just because I want to and it’s when I feel most awake. However, reading can help me get ready for bed; the stories can keep me engaged and make me stay up way longer than I need to…sometimes the stories can have me pushing 3:00am. But most of the time, books give me an outlet to relax and get in the routine for getting ready for bed. Sometimes when the story is really good, I can have dreams about what was happening. (Which was really worrisome when I was reading Andrew Smith’s Grasshopper Jungle)

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but my bed is where I am most comfortable, and where I enjoy reading.

Where is your space? Do you like to read before bed to relax, or in the mornings to help prepare for the day? Maybe you’re one of those people who can read in a cool coffee shop surrounded by other readers.

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